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Bamboo Strips


For certain things there's nothing like the flexible rigidity of a good wire. I don't need to run through it's properties or give you a list of when and where to use it. When you need it, you know it. And you can get it here.

Arches Central Bone

Fins, tahp, eyelids, three-dimensional teeth, ears, nose pompom springs… okay, I said I wouldn't list all the places you could use it, but shaping wire is essential for creating and holding certain designs on your lion.

Binding wire can hold tighter and stronger than paper ties, but it can also wear through bamboo strips so use it sparingly and only where essential.

It's also useful for replacing the stems on pompoms.

Shaping Wire (14 gauge): 15¢ per foot
Binding Wire (20 gauge): 40¢ per yard



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