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Of Course Lion Source has the real deal here.

Made out of either bamboo or aluminum, the rim is the foundation of the lion head, if this part is weak the whole lion won't be any good. Different makers have different philosophies on where the trade off between weight and strength is though so I offer both 3/4" and 1" thicknesses. Some makers also include a wire loop near the front corner to tie the ends of the collar onto, specify if you want one or not.

The rims are hand-bent to your specifications. Since no two makers use the exact same measurements you'll need to specify the size you want. Do this by standing the rim up so it looks like a letter "D" and note the length of the straight part, the length of the curved part from the top corner to the bottom corner, and the distance straight across from the middle of the straight part to the middle of the curved part (like an arrow in a bow).

If no dimensions are specified I'll use my favorite size which is: 17" straight, 59" curve, 22.5" across. This is used for a typical traditional Hong Kong size 2, but keep in mind the modern size 2 lions are slightly smaller.

Different Rims Rim Thicknesses Rims Proportions
Rims can be made in different sizes depending on the size of the lion.

Examples of different thicknesses: the top two are 3/4" and the bottom one is 1".

Aluminum rims will be riveted, bamboo rims will be wired together. The middle rim has the optional collar loops.

Different makers used different proportions so be sure to specify all three dimensions requested above for the best fit.

3/4" Bamboo: 35¢ per linear inch
1" Bamboo: 40¢ per linear inch
3/4" Aluminum: 45¢ per linear inch
1" Aluminum:
50¢ per linear inch

Collar Loops: add $5

Note this is for the rim only, handles not included. Because of the unusual shape, shipping of rims can be expensive. Unless you are ordering a lot of other supplies I recommend this item for local pickup from Los Angeles county only.


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