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Lit Eyes

Lighting Kit

Of Course Lion Source has a nice kit here.

Lighting up the eyes of your lion is a sure-fire way to make your evening performances sizzle. I developed these lighting kits after many hours of research and designing. I believe they are the best kits money can buy in terms of weight, light output, operation, build quality and ease of installation.

Light Units LEDs Shining Battery and Switches
All electrical connections are sealed with heat-shrink tubing for protection and durability. Electrical resistors are wired in to regulate the current and prolong the life of both bulbs and batteries.

High effeciency ultra bright LED bulbs and polished metal reflectors increase light output while allowing for smaller batteries to keep weight down.

Wooden cores keep the bulbs secure when inserted correctly in each eye.

Low profile toggle switches firmly click on and off and won't get bumped accidently turning your lights off in the middle of a performance.

Standard (white LEDs, silver tips on the wooden cores): $40 per set, 1 set of batteries included!

Bulk orders: $30 each for 2-3 sets, $25 each for 4 or more sets
Custom colored LEDs: add $5
per set
Custom colored tips: add $2 per set

Color customizations on the LEDs and tips of the wooden cores subject to availability, contact me with your request.


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