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Custom Work

Repair and Custom Work

As my time permits I am taking on some custom work requests and helping to repair framework on old lions. Repairwork is time consuming and each job is unique so consultation is necessary and prices will vary. Below are some typical custom work I've done.

Custom Ears Custom Mouth Dragon Body Segment Pompom Restemming

Ears seem to be part of the lion which sustain a lot of damage. If you'd like a particular style or size be sure to specify measurements and provide a picture.

Papering and painting services also available.

The mouth has to be built to handle a lot of pressure from both the performer opening and closing it, as well as things the lion may be required to carry around in its mouth during a performance. Special care needs to be made to reinforce and strengthen both the framework and the papering.

Papering and painting services also available.

One of my first paid requests, dragon body segments need to be both light and strong.

When ordering, specify the measurements of the original segments to ensure a good match.

It's almost inevitable that the stems of the pompoms will break over time. Most groups just accept it and don't replace pompoms that fall off. Now you don't need to just grin and bear it--I can restem them and keep your lion's decorations full and bouncy the way they were meant to be.

Custom work and restoration is priced individually depending on the complexity of the work and amount of materials and labor involved. Contact me for a consultation.


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