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Bamboo Strips

Bamboo Strips

Selecting the right materials for a job is essential for professional builders whose reputations are at stake every time they put a product out and there's a reason they choose the type of bamboo they use, down to the season it was harvested. Of Course Lion Source has the real deal here.

For the hobbyist, sometimes other materials can be an acceptible substitute as long as the benefits and drawbacks are weighed carefully.

Length Comparison Knuckle Comparison Width Comparison

Something to consider:

Length: OCLS bamboo is about a foot longer than the 48" bamboo strips I have. While this should be sufficient for most framing, some parts require longer strips. In these cases two strips will need to be splinted together.

Possible drawback:

Yellow bamboo (bottom) has larger knuckles than the offical stuff (top) so the bumps will be more visible when you paper your lion.

One way around this is to bind the bamboo upside down.

Possible benefit:

Width: choose between standard (3/16-1/4") or wide (3/8-5/16") strips. The wider strips are useful for pieces such as the mouth and ears that start as a wide section then have two veins that split off, each needing to be the standard width.

Standard Bamboo Strip (3/16-1/4" wide): 75¢ each
Wide Bamboo Strip (3/8"-1/2" wide): $1.25 each

It takes approximately 30-50 strips to build a full-sized lion head from scratch depending on how much reinforcing you add and how efficiently the pieces are used. Ordering extra is always a good idea to make sure you have enough for your project, emergency repairs and any future projects you may have lined up.

Bamboo will be shipped in long poster tubes, if you are ordering other supplies they may or may not fit into the same tube and may require a separate shipping charge, contact me if you have questions.


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