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Parts and Supplies for Chinese Lion Builders

Of Course Lion Source sells authentic high-quality parts for building and restoring lions and dragons and I highly recommend them if you care at all about the quality of your work. They spend an admirable amount of time searching Asia and learning with the master craftsmen there to bring you the best supplies money can buy.

However if you're pressed for time and they don't have it in stock or you're a little short on cash and are okay settling for parts made by another hobbyist, I may be able to help you out. I definitely don't have the range of parts that Of Course Lion Source does, and what I do offer may not be exactly what the pros use, but I do promise to put my best effort into finding and putting together alternatives that will stand up to the test of time and usage.

I also do restoration and custom work, like replacing the stems on pompoms that broke off, framework repairs and repapering/painting as my time permits. The cost will vary by the job, contact me for a consultation.

Need more info, tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions? Buy the book!

Rims Binding Paste Mix Bamboo Strips Aluminum Strips
Rims Binding Paste Mix Bamboo Strips Aluminum Strips
Wire Wrapping Reed Pasting Paper Twisted Rush
Wire Wrapping Reeds Paper Twisted Rush
Horse Hair Synthetic Fur Metal Springs Bells
Horse Hair Synthetic Fur Metal Springs Bells
 Lighting Kits Repair/Custom Work
Lighting Kit Custom Work

Shipping Information
For standard domestic shipping I will use US Priority Mail.
Add $20 prepayment to all orders except orders for rims and custom work.
I will only charge the actual cost and refund the difference.
Most orders should fit in a flat-rate box and cost around $5-12.
If actual shipping costs more, please consider it a discount.
For rims, custom work, and international orders contact me.



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