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Online Chinese Lion Museum

Several people have remarked that it's a shame old lion heads aren't available to be seen anymore and it would be great if there were some sort of lion head museum. I definitely don't have the physical space or money required to set something like that up, but I do have access to resources on the Internet, so here is my little contribution to preserving Chinese lions for everyone to see and enjoy.

This section of the website is dedicated to the past and present craftsmen who help shape the art of Southern Chinese lion dancing, literally! Most of these pictures are not my own but were contributed by members of the Chinese Lion Dancers group on Facebook and other people. Where possible I added link information to the picture.

Many of the builders featured here are no longer in business and very few if any of their works have survived until today. My hope is that through this online museum their works will live on and inspire others to keep advancing the art of lion making.

If you have something to contribute, builder to add, or other request or question please email me.

Bak Wan (白雲) Bo Wah (寶華) Emplion
Bak Wan/Pak Wan/Bai Yun    
Fo Sheng Craft Factory Kam Yuk Lau (金玉樓) Lo Fo Chi
    Lo Fo Chi (Springrace)
Lo On Kee (羅安記) Luen Fat Cheung
Ma Jai
Lo On Kee/Luo An Jee Luen Fat Cheung/Lian Fa Xiang  
Of Course Lion Source Sang Woo Long
Tian Eng (天鹰)
  Sang Woo Long/Sheng He Long  
Wan Seng Hang (萬勝行)    



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