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Instruction Manual

Lion Construction Manual

Ever wish you had a detailed set of plans for building lions? A manual that takes you step-by-step with full color photos and exact measurements for constructing the framework? A little handbook of tips and tricks to keep your lions maintained and help prevent damage? Wish no longer, it's here!

When I restored the lion detailed on my blog I also took a ton of notes on the project and spent three years compiling them and adding even more lessons learned along the way, into the first of it's kind: an actual written and illustrated guide to building lions from scratch! Filled with 170 pages of full-color photographs and diagrams, along with detailed explanations of each step, this is the next best thing to studying the art with a master craftsman*.

The sample pages below should whet your appetite, click them for larger versions.

Foreword Table of Contents Preparing Bamboo
Book Foreword Table of Contents Preparing Bamboo
Horizontal Strips Interior Paper Forehead Painting
Horizontal Strips Interior Paper Layer Forehead Painting
Attaching the Ears Guan Gung Example Bristle Hair
Attaching the Ears Guan Gung Painting Example More on Bristle Hair

"Very informative, and definitely is worth more than what I got it for. You put in so much work. It felt as if I'm reading history and math books in one." - T. Phan

For just the price of an inexpensive lion head you can learn how to craft your own, knowing that you can take your time and put the care into making one that you can be proud of. At the same time you'll learn how to repair and strengthen the frames of other lions so they'll last longer than they othewise would. The skills you learn and the tips for maintaining your lions will more than cover the price of the book. One lion head may last a few years, the knowledge and experience you gain from this book will last a lifetime. Hardcover, full-color glossy pages.

Price: $350
Includes free shipping within the US, $20 additional for international shipping. Since books are printed when they are ordered please allow 4 weeks processing time from the time of the ordered until they are shipped to you.

Email me to order or click here to be added to the list of interested people.

*As detailed as this manual is, sometimes there is just no substitute for practical hands-on instruction by an established expert who can guide you and offer corrections as you work. I recommend contacting Of Course Lion Source and setting up a workshop or private training session.



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